Breast Reduction Surgery - Central Pedicle Technique

Breast Reduction Surgery - Central Pedicle Technique

Women who suffer from enlarged and heavy breasts, which can cause discomfort and pain, will eventually consider a breast reduction surgery.

What holds many of them back is the fear of losing the breast feeding ability and/ or original sensation after the procedure and due to the commonly applied breast reduction surgery methods these are indeed the most common unwanted effects.

There are countless techniques described in the literature with different scar patterns and internal pedicles. The vast majority of these techniques move the areola-nipple-complex upwards based on a skin and subdermal bridge. By doing so, not only the original nerves are severed (cut) but also the milk ducts.

However the central pedicle technique preserves the original nerves and milk ducts, thus preserving sensation and breast feeding ability. At the same time this technique – in the hand of the experienced surgeon – provides superior results in terms of shape and longevity of the result. Only very few surgeons and clinics offer this comprehensive technique routinely.

In summary, you can eat the cake and have it, too: reducing enlarged breasts and keeping the breasts’ fundamental functions intact at the same time.