Who is Dr. Ghofrani

Who is
Dr. Ghofrani?

“A  renowned multitalent with super-specialization in plastic/ aesthetic face and breast surgery!“

Dr. Ghofrani is a perfectionist, a plastic/ aesthetic surgeon through and through, a passionate doctor who takes the oath of Hippocrates very seriously.

Having been trained at well-reputed hospitals/ universities in Germany, he is a German board-certified plastic/ aesthetic surgeon as well as a German board-certified hand surgeon and emergency doctor.

After having established and run successfully the Department of  Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at the Evangelic Hospital in Giessen, Germany, for 8 years, he decided to relocate to the multicultural hub Dubai in 2010 to provide his services and knowledge to an international clientele.

You will only find a few surgeons, who applicate techniques such as the composite face lift (we call it not for nothing the “Queen of Face Lifts” as it addresses all components of the aging face) , and midface lift with muscle suspension of the lower eyelid or the central pedicle breast reduction method, preserving sensation as well as breast feeding ability.

Dr. Ghofrani has a broad spectrum of international clients and patients, among them business leaders, politicians, as well as celebrities from the music, show/ film and sports business – strictest confidentiality assured.

Many clients are long-time clients, others consult the expert the first time for plastic/ aesthetic procedures and there is an increasing number of patients who have undergone surgeries elsewhere, left unsatisfied with the results and seek his advice. In many cases revision surgeries can be offered, achieving a significant improvement with regards to aesthetic appearance as well as functionality, hence patient satisfaction – which brings us to the point.

Client/ patient satisfaction is one of Dr. Ghofrani’s most important hallmarks and his customers appreciate not only his outstanding level of expertise, surgical talent and aesthetic view, but beyond that his honest advice. He takes his time to explain and discuss in depths all options, he takes away the patients’ fears, no question remains unanswered.

Being lecturer, chairman and invited speaker at national and international conferences, mentor and advisor for organisations, clinics, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide, Dr. Ghofrani has earned highest respect from valued colleagues and clients.

Having been promoted to the Adam Global President for the speciality group AG Healthcare, Dr. Ghofrani is pleased to provide his professional knowledge combined with his networking experience, gained during his time as an area director consultant at BNI (Business Network International), worldwide.

The plastic/ aesthetic surgeon operates from and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at Aestheticon® – International Center of Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Treatments and Hand Surgery and on request in additional countries all over the world.

In addition, Dr. Ghofrani is pleased to provide virtual or telephone conversations for clients from abroad, prior to their travel to Dubai. Cooperating  with a dedicated travel agency which can take care of the entire travel needs, you can feel at ease.

A well-coordinated team of specialists supports Dr. Ghofrani at Aestheticon®, offering comprehensive surgical and non-surgical plastic/ aesthetic procedures, sophisticated hand & foot surgery, skin care, laser hair removal and hair loss treatments

Are you intrigued? Please let us know, if you would have any questions or would like to receive further information. Dr. Ghofrani’s team will be delighted to assist you!