Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Two parts of the human body are the telltale signs of the age, the face and the hands.

Whoever looks older than they actually feel may be unsatisfied with this fact and seeks ways of improvement. A well-done Face Lift is the most powerful and long-lasting solution to this problem. It is in many ways superior to less invasive or noninvasive procedures.

Who is a right candidate?

Women and Men who are still active and vital but suffering from their aged or tired facial expression. The typical age for engaging into this procedure ranges from 40 to up to 80 years!

What is the solution?

There are countless publications about different Face Lift techniques. Over the last decades some have gained a certain popularity amongst surgeons. It seems that some surgeons prefer superficial facelifts with less downtime and short scars, advertised as advantages. However, follow up on these techniques often shows, that they are less durable, and the effects start fading away as soon as one year after the procedure.

Dr. Ghofrani believes that if you engage in a facelift, the results should be very durable to justify the effort surgeon and patient have put in. Using face lift techniques which have been proven effective in his hands for decades, like the composite Facelift and Mid Facelift, he can deliver improvements which stay for 15 years and longer compared to the pre-operative condition.

What is the procedure like?

After a thorough assessment Dr. Ghofrani and the patient agree on the surgical course of action. It can be only a partial lifting of jaw and neck skin, or a full composite lift including forehead, eyelids and mid face. Usually the procedure takes place at Dr. Ghofrani’s partner hospital in general anesthesia and one overnight stay. On discharge patients are able to take care of their daily routine but can’t engage in sportive activities or other strenuous exercises for 10 to 14 days. Regular follow ups take place at Dr. Ghofrani’s clinic and after suture removal 10 to 14 days post op. patients can go back to their normal working routine or in case of travelling patients can fly back to their home countries.

One remark to the noninvasive facial rejuvenation procedures:

Dr. Ghofrani is a strong advocate of the filler and Botulinumtoxin treatments, the skin tightening treatments by machines and devices, the usage of threads and fat grafting.

He disagrees, however, that all these treatments can actually replace a proper facelift when it is needed.