Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

Surgery on the breast is one of the most common invasive procedures worldwide. Many plastic surgeons perform breast surgeries but only very few are capable to offer the entire spectrum of breast surgery methods. For this very reason the results are often not to the satisfaction of the patients.

Dr. Ghofrani is profoundly convinced of super specialization. He has been focusing on surgeries of the breast since 1997, having performed countless procedures. His determination made it possible to co-develop and master very specific techniques such as the central pedicle method for breast reduction and a combination of breast augmentation with the central pedicle breast lift, which is performed by only a handful surgeons worldwide.

Dr. Ghofrani is not only known for his exceptional surgical skills and aesthetic view, but also for his excellent patient information. From the first consultation to the result, there is no guessing, there are no uncertainties. His patients get a very clear understanding of the procedure and the expected outcome, which creates satisfied patients, who gratefully recommend Dr. Ghofrani to their family and friends.

Dr. Ghofrani also sees frequently patients who have undergone a breast procedure elsewhere and want to find out, if a better result can be achieved. Often it is possible through a correction surgery to restore both the beauty and satisfaction of the patients.

M. C., Dubai

“Having 3 kids I needed a “general overhaul”. My gynecologist recommended Dr. Ghofrani as “the best plastic surgeon ever”. I found it a little bit overstated but finally she didn’t promise too much: I needed a breast lift, a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck and he did this in one and the same surgery and the result is amazing. My breasts are perfect, not too big, not too small and my tummy is absolutely flat, I never thought that this could be possible. A big hug to Aestheticon®’s team.”

F. G., London

“Two kids and a mommy makeover. Inherently I have very bad connective tissue thus both breast and tummy needed a complete makeover. From the very first visit I felt safe and best advised by the plastic surgeon and I didn’t even think about getting a further opinion. My breasts got very beautiful and symmetric and my tummy is flatter than ever before!”

R. J., Dubai

“Since years I wanted to get a breast enlargement but I was always hesitating because of the unnatural look of many breast enlargements you see in the media. The one who gave me a push and recommended Aestheticon was my personal trainer. She said to me that they also use the natural looking implants at Aestheticon. No sooner said than done. The plastic surgeon was very polite and patient and informed me about the different implants and what would fit to me and why: I was convinced to do it and underwent the surgery. And the result is exceptional. My breasts have the ideal size and are very natural and fit exactly to my body. I am extremely happy about the outcome.”

D. G., Al Ain

“For my second breast reduction (with lift) I wanted to get sure that everything will go well and consulted Dr. Ghofrani, who had done already liposuction of my thighs before. My breasts got symmetric and firm and I am back pain free again.“

E. D., Lyon

“When I called the reception they told me that breast surgery is an absolute specialty at Aestheticon and that they offer also natural looking implants. The plastic surgeon understood exactly what I wanted and recommended anatomic implants. I underwent the surgery and I am thrilled with the result, my breasts are perfect. Thank you so, so much again!”

Anna F. M., Dubai

“He is a true professional! I was lucky enough to have found him through a simple internet research and he proved to be one of the best in the field.”