Face Lift and its Variations

Facelift and its variations: The Composite Facelift

Principles of the composite Facelift:
Dr. Ghofrani operates facelifts since more than 18 years. In this time he has applied every promising and effective technique known to the plastic surgery community. However, he feels that the pinnacle of long lasting results combined with natural and truly youthful looks are achieved with the composite facelift concept, developed by his friend Dr. Sam Hamra.


The composite facelift has its foundation on the understanding that the face ages as one unit and not as multiple independent parts. Facelift techniques which address certain areas of the face or only certain layers of it usually fall short in terms of results and longevity. By applying the right principles on his facelift procedures, Dr. Ghofrani disallows for an unnatural facelifted look.

You may still divide the face into two principal units, the midface area including lower (and upper eyelid) and the jaw and neck area with or without the forehead. The midface area is the most important area when it comes to appearance and perception of youth in an individual. This is the area where we look most often at in conversations and on pictures. It is crucial to have the midface and eyelids rejuvenated correctly with a vertical lifting vector and at the same time lift the midface as a composite structure with all layers included.

Usually the other areas of the face need a surgical lift too, at the same procedure. However, there are patients who have developed a premature ageing on only one of them. In these cases Dr. Ghofrani performs limited composite lifts on eyelids and midface or on jawline and neck respectively.


The surgery takes places at one of our partner hospitals in general anesthesia. Depending on the case the surgery can take from 1.5 hours (eyelid and midface lift) to 4.5 hours (full composite face and neck lift). Usually our patients stay for 1 night and can then be discharged with only tapes on the suture lines. Tapes and sutures on the eyelids are removed after 5 to 6 days and the remaining after 10 to 12 days. Patients are able to go back to their normal daily routine after roughly 2 weeks. Some may still display some swelling and slight bruise, which can be covered by makeup.


Dr. Ghofrani makes it a point when speaking to his patients, that the best facelift is one, which turns back time. When a 50 year old lady brings pictures showing her in her late 20’s with high cheeks, short eyelid cheek junction, taught jawline and neck, well positioned eyebrows and firm midface, which is what we aim to reconstruct. The composite facelift can achieve right that and it is long lasting, too. Patients can expect to look younger then they looked before the surgery for 15 and more years to come.

L. O., Dubai

Quote “I feel 15 years younger and get many, many compliments!” “Made at Aestheticon! A complete rejuvenation of my face, done by Dr. Afschin, an example of a doctor, honest, ethic, responsible and he didn’t promise too much. The effect of the lifting surgery is amazing!!! My daughter got asked if I would be her sister. Thanxxxxx again and again.”

L.R., London

“I had consulted already a few plastic surgeons before but I was not convinced by what I got told and Dr. Afschin was the first one talking about the composite face lift. Firstly I was a little bit scared as I understood that is a huge surgery but he was very kind and explained how it works. Finally I underwent the face lift and it was definitely worth it! I feel 15 years younger and get many, many compliments!”