Rejuvenation Around the Eyes – Periorbital Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation Around the Eyes – Periorbital Rejuvenation

Whenever we meet somebody, the first look is at the eyes. This is the reason, why the orbital/ periorbital region is perceived as the most important part of the face, when creating an impression on another person.

The human face is divided into different aesthetic units; the periorbital region consists of the upper and lower eyelid, the eye socket, the eyebrows and the upper cheek area.

When aging, different parts of this area can age at different speeds. Usually the upper eyelids will start, drooping and creating some excess skin. Thereafter under eye bags may form and the lower eyelid skin will show wrinkles and laxity. Eventually eyebrows will drop , worsening the sagging of the upper eyelid skin.

When rejuvenating the periobital region, optimally these signs of ageing can be addressed in one and the same procedure. Most commonly upper and lower blepharoplasties or eyelid lifts are performed with or without eyebrow lifts.

Although upper eyelid lifts are usually effectively performed, unfortunately this does often not apply to lower eyelid lifts. In many cases, patients are quite rightly dissatisfied with the results due to insufficient surgical corrections. Utilizing the correct surgical techniques and having sufficient experience, one can achieve truly wonderful and long lasting rejuvenation effects, not only for the lower eyelid as such, but also for the entire mid face area. In the course of the surgery, excess fat from the periorbital area will be removed and used to spread over the bony rim of the eye socket and the muscle is used to lift and suspend the entire mid face area upwards, reversing signs of time. These changes proof to be long lasting, even after 10 years my patients appear still younger than before the surgery.

In conclusion, the periorbital rejuvenation surgery is a rewarding and long lasting improvement of the overall facial appearance and impression, provided that the surgical methods are correctly applied.  For optimal rejuvenation effects, patients need to make sure to choose a surgeon with extensive experience, who is also capable to include the mid face area in the lifting process.